We're getting married!

on Saturday February 25th 2017 • Condado, Puerto Rico
Audrey Chen
John Mangia

Audrey isn't short, she's 'fun size'. She loves pandas, puppies and fun in the sun. Some of her favorite activities include standing on things to reach high shelves, hiding under blankets and hanging onto John like a koala.

Audrey is a PR expert and has worked with a bunch of awesome clients like Disney, New Era and the US Open. She also gets to go to a lot of cool events because of it. She'd rather be watching a romantic comedy or scandalous TV show than just about any sci-fi or adventure movie that John recommends; though she did enjoy watching 'Interstellar' while eating astronaut food and 'The Martian' because Matt Damon was in it. More than any of the aforementioned, Audrey would rather be on the beach or in the pool on a floatie with a drink in hand.

When John isn't giving her piggyback rides, Audrey enjoys reading books ridiculously fast, doing silly dances around the apartment and planning her next trip around the world.

- John

John is a Star Wars, visual effects and video game connoisseur. Actually, he is an expert at everything as he is an avid Googler and researcher. He’s a problem solver and can fix, build, make and/or cook anything your heart desires. He’s a one stop shop for solutions and has taught Audrey more things in the last three years than Audrey has taught herself in the last 29. Just don’t ask him for directions. Don’t ask Audrey either. Unless you want to end up in a ditch in a forest on one of the many islands in Greece.

Similar to Audrey, John is an avid traveler and wants to visit every corner of the globe (and eat every vegetarian cuisine in sight). However, unlike her, John loves adventures and exploring whereas she is mostly interested in parking herself at every known beach to humankind. #FirstWorldProblems and the struggle is real.

In addition to traveling, John enjoys fast cars (though he only ever drives at the speed limit), reading (though he probably couldn’t tell you the last book he finished) and taking copious amount of photos (though he doesn’t have any of himself). 20 years from now, he ideally would like to be retired and living in Arizona with a garage full of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens.

- Audrey

We met on OkCupid and hit it off after our first date at Republic in NYC. Soon after, we discovered that Audrey was mutual friends with John's brother Anthony's friends. We've been on a lot of travel adventures in our years together, including our very first trip to Puerto Rico. It was technically John's vacation trip that Audrey ended up inviting herself along on a month after we started dating. We hope our guests enjoy this beautiful island as much as we do.

``Audrey invited herself on John's vacation a month after they started dating and the rest is history!``

wedding events

Welcome Dinner

Vivo Beach Club - Alaire Restaurant Carr. Boca De Cangrejos, Carolina, 00983, Puerto Rico Friday, February 24, 2017 5:00 pm
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Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Hacienda Campo Rico Avenida Campo Rico, Carolina, 00985, Puerto Rico (round trip shuttle provided from La Concha) Saturday, February 25, 2017 5:30 pm
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Post Wedding Recovery

TBD Sunday, February 26, 2017 12:00 pm onward
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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


Alice Chen

Alice is Audrey’s Maid of Honor, older sister and the only reason why Audrey is ever able to win arguments and get what she wants (from years of sibling rivalries and petty conflicts). She is quite the world traveler and has lived in three different states since graduating from the University of Michigan. When you see her at the wedding, ask her about that time she jumped out of an airplane. Or you can just talk about how she is also getting married in 2017!

Katie Chien

Katie is Audrey’s younger cousin and her beauty and fashion adviser. She has a great sense of style and is more put together than Audrey ever will be though being on time to anywhere is not her strong suit. If you think it’s hard to make friends in life, make sure you talk to her at the wedding and ask for advice as she is one of the friendliest people Audrey knows. Let’s just say, anytime they hang out, Katie rolls with 34536457235453 friends.

Cristina Cushing

Cristina is John’s sister but actually Audrey’s sister long before John and Audrey’s wedding. Both Cristina and Audrey were “sorority sisters” and bonded instantly over secret handshakes and recruitment songs (but really just over how Greek life in college was a very expensive 24/7 party). Cristina loves to cook and Audrey and her collectively enjoy asking John to make them delicious drinks.


Anthony Mangia

Anthony is John's Best Man, younger brother and former lightsaber duelist.  In his younger years he spent copious amounts of time watching John play video games.  He lives and works in NYC as Head of Acquisition Marketing at Nanit, maker of a revolutionary new kind of baby monitor.  When you see him at the wedding, ask him about the new rapper you've never heard of who will be on top of the charts in 6 months.

Michael Mangia

Michael is John's youngest brother who still probably hasn't seen the entire Star Wars Trilogy, despite how highly John recommends watching it.  Michael is finishing up his studies at NYU Stern School of Business in finance and computer science, likely to become the next Wolf of Wall Street but without the drug binge and jail time.

Bobby Cushing

Bobby is John's brother in-law, whose Destiny guardian has an off the chart light level.  Bobby lives in central New Jersey with his wife Cristina and works in Special Needs Education.  He's a Mets fan, but at least he's still rooting for a New York team.


A block of rooms has been reserved at the beautiful La Concha Renaissance Resort. We recommend staying there since we’ll be lounging by the pool during our time in Puerto Rico. Round trip transportation will be provided between La Concha and Hacienda Campo Rico on the wedding day.

La Concha Booking Information

You may use the link below to book only 2/24-2/26.  The cut-off date for all reservations is 1/23/17:


La Concha is extending our room block rate for dates before and after our wedding weekend.  For any reservation during the pre and post dates or any upgrades in the room categories, please contact the In House Reservations department directly via email to reservations@laconcharesort.com or via telephone to the toll free number 866-888-1958 from Monday to Saturday between 10am to 5pm.  La Concha is able to book double rooms with 4 guests per room if needed, please contact the reservations department for details.  The cut-off date for all reservations is 1/23/17.


Please see alternate hotel options in Condado below.

  • Best Western Plus Condado Palm
  • Comfort Inn Tanama Princess

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